Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bloodsports by Drenge (Track Review)

It is a testament to my love for rock music that the first few notes of this song had me hooked. I like the kind of music I can head-bang to, which is probably a symptom of being born in the 80's and growing up in the 90's. That's good news for my older brother who despaired of me listening to boy bands as a child. And when I say listen I mean immersed and marinated in the music so much that it made my brother balk at the sight-and sound-of it. Good to know that despite that history, I developed a great appreciation for the occasional alternative rock music that got filtered through the boy band madness.

I love Bloodsports by Drenge and to be quite honest I couldn't care less what the lyrics were saying, although bloodsports sounds like a compelling title. Like many headbang-inducing music the lyrics to this song weren't particularly discernible anyway and the few lyrics that I did understand did not make sense anyway, which is just about as rock and alternative as you can get. I love that about it. I could listen to just the bass and drum interaction all day long. The beginning and final interludes were priceless. That is not to take away from Eoin Loveless, on vocals (and guitars), because he has a great voice. He and his brother (Rory Loveless) simply play those instruments and complement each other well. This is the first song since I started the weekly iTunes Single of the Week reviews that has moved me to learn more about the band and their songs. High praise indeed. Well-chosen iTunes and well-played Drenge.

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