Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Audrey Hepburn Tattoo

No pain, no gain! Yeah?! That's right, I just got inked! Today I decided to get me a tattoo instead of going on a shopping spree. Lol! I still can't believe I got a fkn tattoo on my arm and I'm loving every bit of it. For me it is the ultimate fashion accessory, but not just any random tattoo though... I got a fashion and film legend immortalised on my skin, an iconic portrait of Audrey Hepburn. She is the epitome of sublime beauty... Unforgettable charm and elegance. Her style, timeless! It continues to inspire women today. I definitely made the right tattoo choice, and it looks fkn perfect on me! I cant wait to get my next one... Xx


  1. :-) i wanna get one too. looooove ur choice!

  2. Wow I just do admire Audrey and seeing you is encoureging me to get a tattoo of her too! I don't have any. I didn't think is was possible, someone getting a tattoo of her in its arm! (yours!) and having that right, very well essential description of what Audrey was (is).