Sunday, 25 August 2013

King City by Swim Deep (Track Review)

  King City by Swim Deep is last week's iTunes single of the week. This sounds like a song straight from the 80s, complete with synthesizer, bass, drum beats, and the repetitious whooo whooo whooing that gets stuck in your head against your will. If you're in the mood for some time traveling this song hits the right spot. I found myself thinking of movies like Pretty in Pink or Mannequin, reminiscing against my will. Songs like these have to be encountered in certain moods. The first time I heard it I was totally repulsed by it. This is THIS WEEK's single?! For a moment, there was a doubt whether the year was 2013 or 1990. After a few more replays, the song seeps into the psyche and tickles the memories. You will find yourself surrendering to the upbeat mood of the song. It's reminiscent. It's a throwback. In this generation of throwback thursdays and flashback fridays, instagram reference for those who are not in the know (and if you don't know what instagram is then you will never get it), it is more than acceptable, quite cool in fact. Songs like these, while not totally memorable, stir the sentiment. It transports you somewhere. On that level, it is truly satisfying; and as I listened to it over and over again to write my review I found myself liking it more and more against my will. Music is like that. It communicates and touches on a level that is beyond the mind. Sometimes you just have to surrender.

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