Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tether by Chvrches (Track Review)

My friend Orion had high praises for this song and so I had pretty high expectations prior to listening to it. I'm not saying I'm disappointed but I'm not saying I'm jumping in my seat either. Sorry, dude. Friends with similar tastes in music is so boring anyway. We love each other because we got our own quirks right?
I am a sucker for great voices. It doesn't matter so much the melody or the lyrics, as long as the voice is stellar. It is what's stamped in my brain long after a song has finished playing, how the vocals accentuated or ruined the song. Voices are instruments. Like strings and drums they have to be tuned in to the spirit of the music too. Lauren Mayberry has the kind of voice that could sing the phone book to me and I would be blissfully happy. She sounds like a young, less grungy Hayley Williams and her voice has its own, approachable quality. Truly, the intro to this got me hooked immediately because by the first two seconds Lauren was singing.
This song didn't really have anything particularly wrong with it. I do like it even if I don't necessarily love it. It feels lacking somehow. Maybe I wanted more from Lauren's voice? More emotion. More conviction. That sounds so The Voice judge like somehow, I know. I suppose I was expecting the song to move my heart and soul, transport me somewhere, or some such nonsense. Thing is, I think she could do it or they could and that's why I feel so cheated. Think Florence and the Machines. A level higher and she could be that or it could be that epic. They could even be better! Regardless, my interest has been piqued and this is the kind of song that would definitely make me want to buy this band's album just to see what else they have up their sleeves. Or to find out if they have in fact already produced that epic song! And the fact that I care so much means that I--surprisingly--have become a fan. Fancy that!
It's a good teaser, but I want more, Chvrches!

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  1. dude, i just watched the video. i'm jealous!!! i wanna watch em live too! wah..