Monday, 9 September 2013

Heart Out by The 1975 (Track Review)

I like this song. At least I did initially. Is it just me or does this song remind you of a certain Katy Perry song? Or does it remind you of Katy Perry period? That totally ruins it for me. There's a great acapella run near the end of the song that is pretty good and the song is really quite nice. But all throughout it I was so disturbed by the thought that I'd heard this song before that it just killed my total appreciation of it. I don't know who to blame it on to be quite honest. Katy Perry. The 1975. The radio and TV stations that keep playing Katy Perry songs. I suppose it's a testament to the fact that she has left an indelible mark on music that certain melodies and songs remind people of her. Surely other artists influenced her music as well but do we remember them? Is the fact that I remember her more of a reflection on me than on her? I want to be objective, but alas my musical background seems like a crutch at the moment. Thus, I leave you to formulate your own opinion about it.

iTunes classifies this song under the alternative genre. It sounds more like pop. Still, if you have never heard of Katy Perry (and I do not hold that against you, you rare species you) then you may appreciate this wonderful, upbeat, 80's-inspired sample from The 1975 for what it is.

"It's just you and I tonight. Why don't you figure my heart out?" If the song had a true saving grace, it's those lyrics. Delicious marriage of voice, words and melody. I take it back. I love it! I'm fickle. So, sue me! But you must listen to this song if only to find out why the initial hooha. Final verdict? Even on continuous replay I still don't hate it. What do you think?

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