Saturday, 7 September 2013

No One's Here to Sleep feat. Bastille by Naughty Boy (Track Review)

I like a song that has something up its sleeve. No One's Here to Sleep starts out interestingly with an instrumental intro punctuated by something that sounds like an imitation of a dog's bark, albeit a really gentle one. The marriage of the two was lovely, although I can see it as one of those things that people might totally like or totally hate. iTunes categorizes it in the genre of pop. It has an R&B flavor and a heavy alternative undercurrent. It reminds me of One Republic actually and that aforementioned dog-bark-like sound is reminiscent of Timbaland in the song Apologize with his unforgettable vocal punctuations.

Despite the similarities to song or band, I liked this song. I had this on repeat to do the review and the flavor did not fade in the least after time went by. Songs are works of art, there are many different and new things you discover as you repeatedly listen to it. Initially you may be attracted by the instruments, then you find yourself internalizing the lyrics, loving the way the voice caresses the words and bring them to life. You wallow in the melody and allow yourself to get swayed by the rise and fall of the music. Finally, you find certain quirks that you find interesting, maybe even like. This song is kind of like that. I don't find it boring at all. It makes me want to hear more from the artist.

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