Friday, 6 September 2013

The Fashion Eclair Team

Oh the pressure of blogging! So many doodah to write about but not having enough time to draft a blog post. Lets just say my life has been boring and uninteresting in the last couple of weeks. I know its no excuse but blogging is a creative process. It can't be rushed. I need to be excited and inspired to be in a blogging frame of mind. Of course, I can't just sit around and wait for the creativity to kick in so I decided to team up with my friends Ida Marie and Angel. They are my best buddies from my University years. Both are also Filipino expats like me.

Ida Marie @poxxie
Ida Marie who is based in Abu Dhabi is FashionEclair's resident music guru. I've always known her as someone with an eclectic taste in music. She's already started on the blog with her take on the iTunes single of the week. Discover sublime music through her witty and clever track reviews.

Angel @einjjj
Angel, the excursionist, will be blogging about travel and adventure from Singapore. She will show you around Asia backpackers style. A thrill seeker and a party animal, she's definitely the chick to hang with. Stay tuned for her thrilling escapades!

You will get to know them more when you read about their blog posts. There will also be some changes in the blog. Maybe a new layout and design, a blog makeover. It will be a group blog but the main focus will still be fashion, Yasss! Don't forget to show Angel and Ida some twitter love @poxxie and @einjjj.

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