Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kaleidoscope Love by Aluna George: Track Review

My musical taste is pretty eclectic and I can usually find something nice to say about whatever I hear, which is my general disposition about everything in life. Last week's iTunes single of the week Kaleidoscope Love by Aluna George is a fun, light and groovy number but my first thought about it is "generic," sorry to say. I've heard its kind before. It's good music to groove to, I even found myself swaying to the beat the first time. It's a good track to include in your summer soundtrack with a mixture of pop and R&B vibe but I can't imagine myself playing it over and over. It gets old after a while, which is the problem with generic songs. Generic melodies are okay if they have memorable lyrics but this song falls short of that. It won't win any Grammys. However, this is the thing about music. If you are a pop enthusiast this is worth checking out and swaying your hips to. However, if you are like me, you probably would not be compelled to buy or check out the whole album based on this song.

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