Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pagliaccio by Barbarossa (Track Review)

Last week's iTunes single of the week was Pagliaccio by Barbarossa. The intro and chorus to this song are awesome, a groovy melody with electronic accents propelled by percussive drum and solid bass beats.  Barbarossa, whose real name is James Mathe, exudes soul in his lilting high-pitched voice. His voice caresses the edge of a falsetto on certain occasions and it was wonderful to listen to.The first two minutes of the song was a brilliant introduction to an artist I had previously unheard of. The thing is, the song went entirely too long and the melody got a little too repetitive. It was too laid back and I was waiting for a crescendo of voice, bass and drums. I was disappointed. It rode a relatively flat wave, which some people may be into and some may not. I belong to the latter. The song lyrics express such a sad scenario that I kind of wanted more passion and angst, not alternative/hard rock kind of angst but he could at least have strained his voice a little more. This song is for those who like a laid-back electro-pop kind of a song. No surprises. Nothing to write home about, the kind of song that you can tolerably listen to in a movie soundtrack.

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