Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Girl Learns to Dance in a Year (VIDEO)

"When you have the choice between doing the scary thing or the safe thing, always choose the scary thing." - Karen X. Cheng

I feel like I wanna learn how to dance hip hip after watching this on youtube. I really admire her passion, energy, and commitment. This video is not just about dancing, it is about pursuing a goal and making it happen. She is indeed an inspiration. Karen Cheng is an ex-Microsoft exec who resigned a few years back through a youtube song video. Her resignation video called "Bye, Bye Excel and I" had gone viral and now she's back with another awesome video on learning hip hop dance in a year. This stuff is not easy and I'm sure she has a full time job too. She really killed it with her amazing performance at the train station. What do you think? Is her dancing enough to make the video go viral?

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