Friday, 6 April 2012

My Bestfriend's Wedding!

Awww weddings! Ain't it cute when two individuals decide to get married and vow to make each other's lives miserable... Lol! Joking!

This year has been great so far, bein part of 2 special weddings. The most recent one was Cyrel's big day, which I played a significant role of giving her away to the groom.. and of course making sure she is sublimely gorgeous as ever.. (sporting a Lauren Bacall inspired hairstyle, and subtle makeup for a classic look)

The wedding... erm.. hmmm.. It wasn't the big and festive wedding but it sure is exceptional and memorable.. Bursting with love and happiness from the blissful couple. It has been an absolute joy to witness them testify their love to each other... Aww..What fools... haha! Joking again.. Love them to bits! ;))

Here are photos of the cheerful husband and wife.. And me wearing a pink Vivienne Westwood shirt with a yellow Reiss tie, and of course the braces completes the look. Xx

Isn't she gorgeous?

the happy couple

me and Cendy, she also got married last January

I'm not liking my chubby cheeks.. hah!

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