Monday, 2 April 2012

First blog post!

Here goes... Hi everyone! Just decided to start my own blog, feeling a bit inspired lately. :)) This blog is gonna be about my first love, which is... F... not fashion.. :-p FOOD!!! Then fashion of course... music, films, travel, party, my HAIR! LOL! ...anything interesting really.. But I guess it will be mainly about fashion.. I'm very passionate about it. Exploring different fashion styles, from prints to pop of colour and I happen to love ladies fashion (I don't wear them duh!?) That means you're going to see loads of posts about my best friend Cyrel. She is my fashion partner-in-crime, and I like styling her up... We love dressing up for whatever occasion, from casual to formal or even costumes... I will be posting pics of the fashion items I love, and pics of my day to day look..

You might be thinking I'm a psychopath with the name I chose for my blog. Chill! its just the fkn lyrics from a Nicki Minaj song. I think its quite catchy... ;)  ..... update: (7th April 2012 renamed my blog from to fashion + Orion. Another update: final blogname is fashioneclair :))

Anyway bye for now.. Ta! Xx

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