Monday, 28 January 2013

New Year, Snow, and Baby

Oh my! I neglected my blog. That is not the right way to start the year. 2012 has been a rough year for me, I hope It gets better this year. Celebrated New Year's eve in London, watching the spectacular annual fireworks display by the London Eye. What can I say? hmmmm not the best view from where I was watching it, but the crowd was amazing. The New Year spirit was all around. People were shouting, dancing, drinking, kissing... it was the perfect time of year to PARTEY! Oh the after party... I don't want to remember. Too much alcohol, the thought of it makes me wanna barf.

2nd of January, I had to rush back to Birmingham. There was a "present" waiting.... Well, that's what the midwife call him. No! I'm not a dad! But yes, I was my best friend's birthing partner together with her husband. It was an amazing experience! To be part of it and to witness the miracle of life. I have assisted in some deliveries as a nurse, but this time it feels different. Knowing that you're gonna be part of this little fella's life is such a wonderful thing. This little angel is sooo adorable and errr.. extremely cute! A little bit of heaven on earth. Awww love him to bits!

Then a few weeks after, snow fell. Yay! Snowball fights and first time building a snowman. Oh we built our snowman in our balcony. So much effort carrying snow up four levels to our flat. Yeah it was lovely having the snowman for a few days then it rained. I miss him already, the lovely smile on Mr. Snowy.

Till next blog post...


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