Friday, 20 December 2013

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 (Video)

Its December and I'm seeing angels in lingerie. Victoria's Secret never fail to put up an amazing show each year. Watching it has become a yearly tradition for me, something to look forward to when the year ends. Candice Swanepoel is wearing this year's $10 million Fantasy Bra and Taylor Swift struts her stuff with the Angels on the catwalk. Fall Out Boy also performed. Fashion, glamour, extremely beautiful girls, music, what more can you ask? 
It is definitely the sexiest show on Television.

Karlie Kloss - photo from US Magazine - Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Isabel Marant Pour H&M

Tis the season to be stylish! The collection is finally on sale 14th of November 2013 and I am obsessed! The french designer came up with standout pieces that are wardrobe essentials this season. A range that you can mix and match from knitwear to leather trousers.

In essence, the collaboration offers everyone the classic Isabel Marant style which is ethnic bohemia and street chic. A cool and effortless way of dressing. I'm seeing loads of monochrome in the collection, not usually my style but this is definitely an exception.

It's going to be crazy at H&M tomorrow. Don't forget to help my fellow Filipinos who are affected by super typhoon Haiyan before you go hit the shops. Text DEC to 70000 to give £5. Every little helps.

Here are some of my faves..
fisherman's cap £14.99
reversible bomber jacket £79.99
leather trousers £179.99
wool jumper £34.99
wool coat £99.99

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Paralyzed Woman Learns To Walk Again - Inspirational Video

"You are alive. You're going to have to live and you should try to live a life worth living."

Cynthia can't walk. She was paralized from neck down but that didn't stop her from learning to walk again. With therapy costing her too much, she had to look online for options and discovered Karen Cheng's "Learn to Dance in a Year" video. There she found inspiration, she then realised that with sheer practice she could achieve her dream to walk again.

At a website called, Cynthia took a video of herself learning to walk - taking little steps each day. Watch her make progress in the video. "I may fall 7 times... but I'll get up 8." she says. Practice does pay off. Her story is truly inspirational. You can keep up with Cynthia and others who are also pursuing their dreams at the website.

GiveIt100 is a website where you take a video of yourself learning a skill for 100 days. It is co-founded by Karen X. Cheng. She came up with the idea from her viral dance video. A brilliant concept indeed! "This isn't a story about dancing, though. It's about having a dream and not knowing how to get there - but starting anyway." Karen explains. 

Do you feel like pursuing a dream? Why not give it 100? Capture your little beginnings and one day you will look back and say "Wow, I achieved something awesome!"

Here is Karen's inspiring dance video, it got more than 3 million hits on youtube:

Friday, 4 October 2013

Running If You Call My Name by Haim (Track Review)

Running if You Call my Name on iTunes
It took me two seconds to decide that I loved this song. Two seconds! This tickling excitement is what I was hoping to feel for last week's iTunes single Tether by Chvrches. I was waiting for the feeling of being teleported into some imaginary place or some place in history that this soundtrack would be perfect for. Music for me is like an index to my personal history, specific epochs in my life. The best ones take me somewhere in my past, in my memory, in an alternate reality, where something significant happened to me. It stirs my mind, heart and soul. This song does that to me.

The best feature of this song is the lead vocal, Danielle Haim. Danielle is joined on background vocals by her sisters Alana and Este. Danielle has the kind of voice that tugs at the heartstrings. It reflects maturity and soul. It constitutes a perfect marriage with the melody and ethereal quality of this song. I cannot say enough of it and I cannot get enough of this song! Does my excitement filter through to my writing?! Maybe not. But only because I am reeling it all in. Everyone, please listen to this song! (And if you hate it, do tell me. Haha. I'd love to hear a different opinion.)

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tether by Chvrches (Track Review)

My friend Orion had high praises for this song and so I had pretty high expectations prior to listening to it. I'm not saying I'm disappointed but I'm not saying I'm jumping in my seat either. Sorry, dude. Friends with similar tastes in music is so boring anyway. We love each other because we got our own quirks right?
I am a sucker for great voices. It doesn't matter so much the melody or the lyrics, as long as the voice is stellar. It is what's stamped in my brain long after a song has finished playing, how the vocals accentuated or ruined the song. Voices are instruments. Like strings and drums they have to be tuned in to the spirit of the music too. Lauren Mayberry has the kind of voice that could sing the phone book to me and I would be blissfully happy. She sounds like a young, less grungy Hayley Williams and her voice has its own, approachable quality. Truly, the intro to this got me hooked immediately because by the first two seconds Lauren was singing.
This song didn't really have anything particularly wrong with it. I do like it even if I don't necessarily love it. It feels lacking somehow. Maybe I wanted more from Lauren's voice? More emotion. More conviction. That sounds so The Voice judge like somehow, I know. I suppose I was expecting the song to move my heart and soul, transport me somewhere, or some such nonsense. Thing is, I think she could do it or they could and that's why I feel so cheated. Think Florence and the Machines. A level higher and she could be that or it could be that epic. They could even be better! Regardless, my interest has been piqued and this is the kind of song that would definitely make me want to buy this band's album just to see what else they have up their sleeves. Or to find out if they have in fact already produced that epic song! And the fact that I care so much means that I--surprisingly--have become a fan. Fancy that!
It's a good teaser, but I want more, Chvrches!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fake You Out by Twenty One Pilots (Track Review)

The Mario Brothers. That's what the intro reminded me of initially. It's a good thing. it's a bad thing. It's got synthesizers, baby, and it's not ashamed of it. It also has Tyler Joseph, who has the funkiest, sexiest and most alluring voice, which reaches peak performance while it teases that falsetto. It's those high notes that are indelibly lodged in my brain long after I've stopped listening to the song. I have to say I don't mind that one bit.

I don't love this song. I don't hate it either. I love parts of it. As a total musical experience, it's an acquired taste. And if your musical taste tends towards the adventurous then this is worth checking out. Synthesizers. Male falsetto. Rap. Screaming growl. They're all in this song! Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing before formulating an opinion about it or the band. As for me, high marks just for Tyler's voice! The rest is growing on me.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Worlds Highest Bungee - Macau

I've never gone bungee jumping  but it's definitely one of the few things I'd wanna try at least before I turn 30.

It wasn't until we booked a flight  to Macau to chill,  that we thought of doing the bungee,  since the Highest Bungee is located there.

I felt excited and  nervous at the same time.  I   became sleepless for some nights just thinking about it and the more imagine myself jumping from that high tower, the more I became anxious. Few weeks before, I even  thought about canceling the booking for bungee. But heck!  I managed to get my guts back.

 After partying in Hong Kong,  took the ferry to Macau and scheduled for 4pm jump the next day.


Macau tower measures 388 m ( 1,109 ft) in height from ground level to the highest point.

On the way to the tower my heart started beating fast, my knees started trembling but mind over matter worked.

  After the registration and paying  non refundable $$$, took to the elevator to 61st floor.  The jump off point is 233 meters high ( 764 ft)  S**  here we go !!

It was overwhelming!!!

After registration, the crew assisted us to wear the harness and was weighed a couple of times. We were then asked to sit down and wait for our turn. Some people were already jumping in the platform and i just wanted to be next so i can get it over and done with! I was just already too excited and scared!
 One crew handed  us can of beers. lol.   That helped a bit.


We  were then asked to go to the platform for our turn.  Thanks to the background music being played, it made me feel upbeat. While waiting and chatting with the crew, they kept joking that it  may be the last time they'll see me.  Honestly, you will not think about dying, you're  just anxious about the process.

Then the guy before me did his jump. Whew! He screamed really good.  haha

 I was asked now to sit down so they can get me ready. I remember asking the crew, who's harnessing me up and how many times he has done it.  He said about 100.  Phew!  at least he knows what he's doing and I'm safe. :-)


My turn!!

The crew asked me to move forward to the ledge and I was still joking with them. Laughing.

 Everything just sinked in my mind when they attached the rope to the harness on my feet. It felt heavy and I felt being pulled down.  That's when I started getting really scared.

My smile faded and my knees started trembling.  The crew asked me to waive here and there for the camera but my mind just totally blacked out of what's happening.  Darn what did I get myself into??! Clearly there's no turning back with the non-refundable $$$ and my pride commitment.  The crew told me not to think too much of the jump and think of something else and so I did. I was ready! Pfffffffff!!!


The crew started counting and I was about to jump then was stopped because their radio was not on. Pfff!

Finally the real counting began and  without hesitation I just let myself fall. It was the scariest thing I have  ever felt in my life. I screamed on the  top of my lungs as gravity pulled me down as soon as I jumped. The 6 seconds free fall  felt like forever!!! I was expecting a bit of a rush and I'm down there but  it was like falling in slow motion.

As the rope pulled me back  for the rebound, I knew that's the end of the jump. I just started laughing and shouting because I couldn't  believe I did  something like this shit. The excitement, sleepless nights, anxiety and adrenaline rush..  ahhh  it was an overwhelming, indescribable  amazing  feeling!

At the end of the jump I was left upside down. I had difficulty releasing the strap to put me upright  because I didn't have much energy left but finally I did.


 This really scared the shit out of me!  My knees were still trembling  when I was on the ground.  I had to do go up again to the tower to get my stuffs and meet with others. We were all feeling great  as we chatted about our experience.

After the jump all I wanted to do was go to a bar and drink to celebrate my guts!!

 Headed to the pool  after, had  champagne  and went to a bar   to party then  Casino.

I'd say  just give it a try!


* Visit  for more info If you wanna do the jump. It is expensive but it's really worth your $$$.

Here's the video of the jump.

I screamed like a dying pig!  hahahhha